Recruit thousands of interns.

And, they don’t need to be in the office, you don’t need to look after them all, is it possible?


Have you ever thought about how much time you spent when you made candidates to fill the application forms? A more important point is that it is not easy to know whether the information, filled by the applicants on those forms, is true information, or not. It is a truth that all organizations have their own values and some of those values are also universal ones for all companies. By broadcasting only one interactive video, which is received consultancy about behavioural sciences; and by evaluating selections of the watchers, you can easily reach a valuable data about the applicants who applied to your company. In addition, your interactive video will be on the air during a whole year time! So, the employment application form will help you not only to find the best candidate easier, but also to ensure about her personality well and to evaluate whether she is close to your corporate values or not.


How many interns do you recruit in a year? Well, what is the budget to find the right person? What if we tell you that you are able to recruit more than 10.000! Interns and also you can choose the best ones of them? Moreover, you don’t even need to check your e-mails! Yes, it is possible and here is the process: All tasks, which your intern should achieve, are to be incorporated into the interactive video scenario. After that, the responsibilities and feedback of them, which an intern is going to take, are to be fictionalized, digitally. More clearly, an applicant do really walks around the office and a task is given to her, digitally. Later, she downloads the task file, completes it, and uploads it back. Thus, a leadership board presents itself and you simply choose the best intern according to their performances and invite her for a real job training opportunity in your company. Furthermore, you gain a big data about applicants at yours hand. If you and your company are looking for a solution, which is going to move your business processes into digital world, that reduces the costs and increases the productivity; then contact us!