Have Experience of Interactive Video

Choose the next scene by yourself!

You can experience pleasure of interactive video by watching the sample below. It is responsive for all web browsers, iPad and Android screens.

You are the director while you are watching an interactive video. It might be a commercial video as it is in our sample or an orientation video of a company. There are optional scene parts, which you click on them; during the video playing and which one you select, that way the video goes on.
Let’s dream a case study for an instructive video; you will be able to score the watcher according to what she has selected while watching it. Moreover, if you assume the same situation for an interactive commercial video, you can easily collect data from selections of your customers. That would be a great feedback data to have an idea about your goods & services and how your customers do react at them. If the interactive video is about recruitment, then you have the chance of collecting information about personality of the applicant, as well. Shortly, an interactive video is not only a passive video but also an interactive communication tool! Give us a call and meet the future of video. Moreover, meet our unique team who are the only producer of true turn-key interactive video service provider of Europe!